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XMF TOOLS has strong R&D strength, with academician workstation, provincial enterprises technology center, and municipal metal fiber engineering technology center. They undertake many national, provincial, municipal science and technology projects, including 1 national innovation fund project, 1 national key industries and technical transformation project, 2 provincial technological transformation projects, 14 municipal science and technology projects. The R&D team awarded more than 30 patents, including 3 invention patents, 16 utility model patents, and 11 appearance patents.

XMF aggressively invest large funds to establish laboratory, bring in advanced precision X-ray analyzer and scanning electron microscope to improve its R&D ability.

· XMF test laboratory contains an array of industry equipment such as precision tool grinders and civil engineering stone cutting machines, hand held high speed saws, core dills, and make precast concrete to test. The workers test each batch of its own products to fee back the manufacturing process and guarantee the quality stable and test new products and products provided by customers.

XMF R&D team is devoting themselves to develop and improve tools to satisfy diverse customer need and to make the world better!

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